"Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day."
President Thomas S. Monson

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Angels

I am often shocked by the number of people I meet that have lost babies. While I am grateful to have them in my lives, it is very difficult to support them w/o loosing a bit of myself in it. Regardless, this is a gift I have been given and I am happy to help wherever I am needed. I am grateful for the strength I have as well as the chance to provide service if possible.

Recently, two people that I have met and enjoyed lost their babies. I know some of the path they will travel. It inspires me to share this...

Mother's Day is coming up. Anyone you know that has lost a baby, please remember them. Please suggest to them you are thinking of them and their baby. They will never forget their child that is not with them. Its not like a day can go by where you don't remember one of your children is not with you. So I abhor you, contact those Mother's you know that might be having a difficult time on Mother's day. Tell them you love them, tell them you are thinking of their angel. Sometimes its the small gestures that mean the most. I am certain they would be grateful. Here is a list of suggestions for what you might do.
  • Write a Letter, To Show You Care
  • Think of a Unique Way to Remember
  • Never Say "Move On" They will when they can.
  • If you are Inspired, Do it
  • Don't Say "I'm Sorry", Feel It
  • Send a Card, I'm thinking of You
  • Let them talk about it, this can help the most.
  • Remember Anniversaries Monthly at First then Yearly
  • Remember Anniversaries Birth & Death
  • Holidays are important, Mother's Day, Father's Day especially
Peace be with all the Angel Mommies this Mother's Day. I love you and I am here for your support. Whatever you need. ((Hugs))

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