"Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day."
President Thomas S. Monson

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas this year.

I've been meaning to write something for the past few days. I guess the indication of me not writing, shows the mental stature that we've reached here. A lot has happened though, and I believe it all contributes to the warmth we are feeling this year.

In November we moved from Arizona to Utah. The main reason, was Amberlee. We lived in the same house, on the same street. I loved that house before she was injured and died, but afterward, I hated it. No real reason, I just felt this hatred. We searched for a awhile, and we were finally blessed to be able to move to Utah, and let me tell you...its simply perfect here.

I no longer feel the pain I felt daily in AZ. The pain must have been so constant and familiar I barely recognized it. Since we moved I am a better mother, wife, and friend. I am able to do so much more because I am not weighed down by my grief. I do miss being near her resting place, but I am happy to move forward (Not On).

This Christmas is much better than the past. We are able to enjoy it a bit. The holidays actually seem cheery. I have had days. Days where I am dragged down by the pain of missing my sweet baby, but those days are so much fewer than before. Still, I cannot predict when grief will approach and so when it does, it sucks me away for a time. However, I can recall 2 days this entire holiday season. I would say we are doing pretty well. It is still very surreal celebrating Christmas and Family without someone in our family. I am realizing that nearly everyone does this though. Nearly everyone has lost someone close to them that they love. Maybe this loss is the reason the holiday season feels so much more special. We get to celebrate those who are here, and remember those that are not. Many of the Christmas song talk about those that are near and far...and I am sure that this applies to everyone we might consider far away. They apply to anyone we do not have quick access to.

We are visiting our old home for the holidays, and I am interested to see how different it might feel. I am still grateful that by leaving it, we have found healing. We are moving forward in life, and where we go from here is hopefully up. We will never forget our baby, as we count for her every day. We often look at pictures and remember her...but the memories grow distant even still. I wonder if this isn't a blessing, creating the space we need to survive the time that will pass...

Until We Meet Again.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

another loss

Sometimes I think, anyone who loses a child should never have to suffer anything like that again. Why really should they have to suffer anything more? But then I realize, we all will experience loss. We all will have something that influences our lives significantly.

I've been putting it off for a little bit now, because I don't really have time for it; but we found out last week that the baby I was carrying had died. It seems so unreal. Why would anyone have to suffer loss 2x? Really, why? We are moving so I am trying really hard to get to Utah and deal with it there, after all its only 5 days away. I am not sure I can wait anymore. This sucks.

To anyone that has had a miscarriage. I am so sorry. We invest our bodies for a time (usually 40 weeks). We have hope, we have dreams, we remember the excitement. We always will. When the 40 weeks doesn't come, because of a loss, where does that put us. So many people will tell us, hey you can try again. Really though, that is not what we want to hear. Nothing really gives solace to loss, the hope for trying again brings fear of another loss.

I have hope that the next time we try it will be successful, but I really wonder if we will be blessed again. We are very blessed with the 6 children we have. I do know this. I just wish that number 7 was still on the way. This just doesn't seem fair.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lyrics to a new song, Perfect Song.

Enjoy this...I love it...it peacefully expresses our love. For those of you who may not know...Steven Curtis Chapman lost his daughter Maria...shortly after we lost Amberlee...in a car accident. His words are so close to our own, his feelings are similar the same. <3>“Heaven Is The Face” by Steven Curtis Chapman:

Heaven is the face of a little girl
With dark brown eyes
That disappear when she smiles
Heaven is the place
Where she calls my name
Says, “daddy please come play with me for awhile”

God, I know, it’s all of this and so much more
But God, You know, that this is what I’m aching for God,
You know, I just can’t see beyond the door
So right now Heaven is the sound of her breathing deep
Lying on my chest, falling fast asleep while I sing
And Heaven is the weight of her in my arms
Being there to keep her safe from harm while she dreams

And God, I know, it’s all of this and so much more
But God, You know, that this is what I’m longing for God,
You know, I just can’t see beyond the door
But in my mind’s eye I can see a place
Where Your glory fills every empty space

All the cancer is gone
Every mouth is fed
And there’s no one left in the orphans’ bed
Every lonely heart finds their one true love
And there’s no more goodbye
And no more not enough
And there’s no more enemy (no more)

Heaven is a sweet, maple syrup kiss
And a thousand other little things I miss with her gone
Heaven is the place where she takes my hand
And leads me to You
And we both run into Your arms

Oh God, I know, it’s so much more than I can dream
It’s far beyond anything I can conceive
So God, You know, I’m trusting You until I see Heaven in the face of my little girl.

http://www.stevencurtischapman.com/ It is part of a new album he is releasing "BEAUTY WILL RISE", that he wrote after losing his daughter Maria.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Much Needed Update

I haven't posted on the blog in a long time, and I am sorry for that. Today happens to be the 6 year anniversary of a friend's baby's passing (Alexis Romero), and I have been contemplating Amberlee today. Obviously I miss her every day, and I especially think about what she would be doing. Today is different though.

As I was thinking about her, it dawned on me that since her anniversaries are passed, I am feeling much better. Of course there are days that I feel dragged down, but who doesn't have those days. Sometimes I'll be driving down the road, and a certain song will play on the radio. I'll cry for what could have been, I'll cry just because I miss her; and sometimes I cry because it feels like a piece of my heart has a hole in it. Literally, it always feels that way. Like a space that should be filled, but won't. It is a very unnatural feeling to have lost your child. As I see the others grow it seems wrong that she is not growing with them.

I am happy though. In many ways we are moving forward. I am excited this year to feel like I can volunteer at the school again. I am excited to be involved in the girls' school life again. This is definitely an improvement on last year. There are so many activities that we once did, and haven't done in some time, but we are once again able to take part in them.

One thing that we just can't get past is the heat. This stupid Arizona heat. It tortures us all summer long, and mostly we just want to stay away from it. Kyle and I have nightmares throughout the summer, and whenever someone mentions that they were "cooking" in their car we cringe. It's horrible to hear people say that so often, but it is life in Arizona, and we must endure.

I've devoted a good portion of time to help some friends or friends of friends through similiar tragedies. It is difficult to see someone start this journey, but I am grateful for all those people the traveled the road before me, and offer me advice. There are many parents out there that have lost children, and they all need love and support over time. Time does not make the heart forget unfortunately, it dulls the pain only slightly, and mostly that is just because of experience with the emotions that come. If you know someone that has lost a child, please call them, and tell them you are thinking about their child. Please tell them you are thinking about their baby, and you are there for them if they need you. Alexis' parents made me realize today that even though its been 6 years for them, it still hurts. Never think someone has moved on simply because time has passed. Please offer them love regardless of what you think, might be occurring in their lives at this point.

As always, thanks for listening. Have a wonderful day, and appreciate the blessings that come to you every single day. <3

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I thought that this was strange and I wanted to share. Of course I had to call at least a dozen people after this happened, to make sure I wasn't evil or crazy. Now that I know for sure, I can share this story with you.

A few weeks ago, a friend came to pick me up. She mentioned that another friend of mine, well her baby had drown that morning. Apparently the baby was going to be o.k., but she was in the hospital. Of course, that is where we went immediately.

I sat in the hospital room with my friend, and we talked about what happened. I could see her experiencing all the emotions I felt the day after Amberlee got hurt. It is quite frightening to witness a parent suffer such emotions. Regardless of the fact that her baby was going to be ok...she still felt the trauma of the accident.

The next morning, and even most of that evening I was very upset. I cried so much, and I was so mad and frustrated. Don't get me wrong here...I was happy for my friend...and I was really happy that her baby was ok, and there would be no lasting consequences to her near drowning. However, a horrible emotion stirred deep within me. I couldn't understand why, I couldn't understand how. How does God choose which children he will save, and which he will not? Why did someone notice her baby in time to save her? Why does my friend get to keep her baby, but I had to loose mine. She gets to hug and kiss her baby every day, and see her run and play, but mine is gone for now. Mine is only a memory, for now.

This jealousy ate at me for several days, and every time I look at her, while I am grateful that she does not have to go down this road (I would never wish that on anyone), I am extremely jealous that she is one of the lucky ones. I felt so wrong for having this emotion...I am ashamed to tell my friend, and ashamed that I feel this way. It's the truth though. This is truly the way that I feel, and I've learned to be honest with the way I feel having lost Amberlee.

I hope that this is understandable, most of my close friends that I asked said they were thinking it before I said it. They just didn't want to mention it if I didn't.

Until another time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I hope that by now most people know that I don't usually dwell in sadness. If you are reading please understand I just want to be honest. I want to show what I am really feeling, so if anyone reads this blog...they can know, that if they've felt that same way...so did another person suffering the same fate. I may have said that before, and I hope that it stays clear.

On Wednesday I saw an Ambulance driving down the road, lights and sirens. I pulled over to the side of the street to wait, as all the other cars rushed by me wondering what I was doing. I guess they didn't take driver's ed, but I am pretty sure it's a law. Anyway, just seeing the ambulance invoked panic, and fear...instantly I had a flashback. Not the normal one I have of asking Kyle where Amberlee is. But this flashback was the 911 call, and the police, and the paramedics with the blank faces. I came back from the flashback realizing I should drive. To be honest though...it was difficult. It scared me, how it just took over completely, and sucked my mind away. Its been a long time since that has happened, and I hope it will be a long time until it happens again, if ever.

Today I read about a run in utah for a family that lost a daughter, and the supression of the month was released as I realized this week is the week. This week will mark 2 years since Amberlee was left in the car, accidentally. This week will mark 2 years since she died.

It always amazes me how harsh that sentence sounds, but it is the essence of realism. Why do we pad such terms, or try to make them look more acceptable by saying things like "passed on"? I am a realist, and death is real. Those words that have to do with death might stab, but maybe they are supposed to. Maybe the harshness of the word is only meant to create the harshness of feelings that exist when a person dies. Its not easy, it never was. Maybe invoking these feelings is a good thing, and the term is truly meant to convey what it is.

Digressing, today instead of anger I feel loss and sadness. I am left exploring to find poems to comfort my bleeding soul. I want to punch something, but not to hurt it. I want to punch out the pain that I feel. I want to hit hard and precise, so that this pain might be somewhat alleviated, and grace and peace will once more encompass me. My mourning is so solitary and so selfish. I feel bad when I can't be there to do the things I should for others, but I need this time to myself. I feel bad that I won't let people in, but I desperately want them to find a way to break through.

DEATH Sucks! Mourning suck!

I hope that above all, people understand that we don't choose the course that we take in grief...I feel that the grief over the loss of a child is more like a small leaf in a stream. You go where there current takes you. Sometimes its rocky...other times its smooth, sometimes you hit a rock or embankment, and sometimes you feel like you are pulled underwater and drowning...only fighting to survive. I wish I could choose, and in ways I have "moved on" as people say. But there are times that this grief hits hard, and if I don't succumb to the pain, it eats at me until I have no choice but to collapse. We do choose to live life to the fullest, and to be happy. Overall I am choosing that...but for this month...for this pain...I choose to feel what I must.

Please understand.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If No One Will Listen

I have heard this song many times before, but never noticed the power of the words until today. This is EXACTLY how I feel. Don't get me wrong, I understand why those who have not walked this path, don't understand. But knowing it doesn't make it ok. Sometimes it feels as though I am drowning in this pain, that so often I don't allow myself to feel. Its inconvenient to have to feel. I don' know if that makes sense but in my mind it does, or at least that is what I tell myself.
So here is the song. Apparently it is based on a poem by Emily Dickinson. If you can find me the poem...I will be forever grateful. Here are the beautiful lyrics. The song is on Kelly Clarkson's New Album, All I Ever Wanted...the very last song. =)

Maybe no one told you there is strength in your tears.
And so you fight to keep from pouring out.
But what if you unlock the gate
that keeps your secret soul
Do you think there's enough that you might drown?

If no one will listen, if you decide to speak.
If No one's left standing, after the bombs explode.
If no one wants to look at you, for what you really are
I will be here still.

No one can tell you where you alone must go.
There's no telling what you will find there.
And, God, I know the fear that eats away at your bones.
Screaming every step "JUST STAY HERE"
If No one will listen, if you decide to speak.
If No one's left standing, after the bombs explode.
If no one wants to look at you, for what you really are
I will be here still.

If you find your fists are raw and red from beating yourself down
If your legs have given out under the weight.
If you find you've been settling for a world of gray.
So you wouldn't have to face down your own hate.

If No one will listen, if you decide to speak.
If No one is left standing, after the bombs explode.
If no one wants to look at you, for what you really are.
I will be here still.

On the CD, Kelly lists this Poem shortly after the song...
Life is but life, and DEATH but DEATH
Bliss is, But Bliss
But defeat, No Drearier, can prevail! -Emily Dickinson

So maybe not so obvious...but the bombs exploding would be June 28th through July 7th of 2007, if you catch my drift. "If no one will listen if you decide to speak", not everyone is like this, but many shy away the minute I bring it up, they don't want to hear it. Maybe the pain is too much, maybe they don't want to. I hope you can understand the rest. Music is therapy, and this truly takes the cake for me right now. I added it to the playlist...I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bandaids & Neosporin

I started reading this book a couple of weeks ago on my way back from Sacramento. I really enjoyed it. Some of the religiosity is confusing, and arguable, but the storyline is awesome. There is some depth to this book for someone suffering this un-imaginable grief. The book is about a young girl that is brutally murdered. Her father, in a path to escape The Great Sadness goes back to "the shack" where some of her remains were found, and in that trip he finds God in a very real way. If you ever get a chance, please read it.

Having said that. I have to mention that every once in awhile...when I feel like I can't do it anymore...its like I somehow get this little first aid kid to help me through. I am not speaking literally, but figuratively. I am really angry lately, and really frustrated with my grief which seems even stronger than before. Despite this grief, I have had little "bandaids" and "neosporin" left on my path.

Music is my greatest therapy. I cling to it, I find songs that will bless my life, and heal the wounded portions. I've been seeking out songs lately to listen to to help me, but for awhile I hadn't heard anything that really helped, until yesterday. Yesterday, twice when I got in the car the song "Always" by Building 429 played. Today was even more eventful, but has a bigger meaning.

I was in the car with almost all of the children that were at my house when we found Amberlee in the car, June 28th of 2007. On the way to QT, the song "Homesick" by Mercy Me played. I felt very blessed. This song had also played the previous day on the radio all the way through. I sang it out loud while driving alone in the car, tears streaming down my face. The song really became a prayer for me at that moment. One of the final phrases says "Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow." The phrase is repeated, and as I sang it I realized how much I meant this prayer as I was singing the song.

Today when it played again, the same reaction came to me. I sang the song, along with the girls in my car who also know it, and know why it is special. Well they of course noticed I was crying. I looked back and noticed the same of some of them. Right after this song played...it was like God was playing a soundtrack just for us...because the song..."Always" was then played on KLOVE. At this point there was no hope. Just a bunch of girls in a car, at QT, crying, and thinking about the pain and the loss that we are suffering. Aften, the oldest, told me she was thinking about Amberlee and that it was June. My heart just broke as she tried to smile but I knew she couldn't keep it in much longer. Then she also burst into tears.

These moments are teaching moments. Although I am angry, and feel this emotion...I don't want my children to hate life because of what we've been through. I took the moment to share with them why I like the songs in detail. I explained to them that no matter how bad we feel, the promise of what Christ suffered for us...makes it ok. He knows the pain we are going through, and all we have to do is ask for help. He understands what and why we feel the way we do, and really that should be enough. But he also understands when it is not, and when these time are challenging for even the most spiritual people.

Honestly, I don't feel much like asking for help lately. But I guess the song was a start. Because someone has not only been leaving bandaids (songs) to help me heal from this anger, but also they are leaving neosporin (the shack) to heal the wound. There is a path here I am sure of it...but I just don't know how far or how much more difficult it will be. I realize that I need faith, and prayers to help me through, but I can't always be the one that offers those things. Feel free to help in any way you know how. =)

Thanks again for listening.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have to say...this is harder than last year. I am so down, and so sad. I am very angry with God. Yeah I said it. I've never really been in this spot for any other reason, but right now I am. I really have to be honest here, I think it is important.

This road is a very unfair, unrelenting road. It seems like my friends and family ignore the signs, and the sayings. They want us to "move on". I really wish people would understand that that just doesn't happen. This wasn't the family pet, she was my daughter. I look for her every day. My instinct is to have here her, and somehow my brain hasn't gotten the message she is gone. Sure it sounds great, move on feel better! It is idealistic though. I am more of a realist. I am trying to be true to what I feel. Normally I can get by, pretty upbeat, I am accepting of my plight however dreary it might be at times. Right now I am angry though. Right now I need to have a pity party. Right now I want to scream at people, punch things, and have reckless behavior. THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!

I think God understands. I think that he knows why I am struggling, and I am pretty sure he accepts me no matter what. I just don't know how I will get through another 50 years of this though, let alone June. It is only the beginning of the month.

My instinct is to withdraw. I withdraw from friends, I withdraw from life. I don't want to get on Facebook...I don't want to e-mail...I probably won't answer the phone if you call. The crazy part is, I know this is the opposite of what I should do. I just don't want to be bothered by other petty things. Everything else seems so insignificant, my baby died. I don't really care if your sister pissed you off. I don't really care if your kid is driving you crazy. At least you have your kid! At least your kid can drive you crazy. If you baby dies, I will be here for you, I will let you cry...I need to have this time.

If any of my friends and family are listening right now. I am withdrawing, I just have to. If you can push your way in somehow, and try to make me smile sometime this month, that would be great. I can tell you now it will be a challenge. You are going to want to give up, and probably will curse my name. I just don't want all of you to hurt as deeply as I do. I don't want you to see how hard this is for me, and I don't want you to have to feel any of this pain.

So here we go, starting June with anger. I hate that emotion. But it is truly what is happening. Hopefully it will develop into something more beautiful in the end, but right now it is what it is. I hope you can understand. I know you know I am typically much better at dealing with losing Amberlee. I just need to feel this way now.

Thanks for listening.


2 things I just don't want to hear right now.

"You have 5 other beautiful daughters, they need you, they should make you happy."
"You will see her again, it is an eternal family."

Unfortunately those things mean nothing to my heart. I know they are true, but they don't help me to feel better.

Thanks for caring.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

99 Days...

Amberlee lived for 99 days. That statement used to make me feel horrible. Because she couldn't even make it to 100, and because of the guilt over why she didn't make it. Last year those 99 days (one year later) were very difficult. I would often think about how she was alive last year at this point? Was I ignoring her to pay a bill, was I thinking more about myself then her? Did I show her I loved her?

This year is different. Very different. As I cruise through these 99 days I feel a peace encompassing me. The comfort is assuring me that every year this may just get easier. As I look back this year I get the feeling to inhale it in. To remember her smell, and the way her soft little head felt on my shoulder. I am still in awe over how familiar her smell is to me, even though she is gone. This year, those 99 days are a beautiful trip back to my daughter, and the wonderful days I spent with her before she left, no matter how much of a stranger I feel she is becoming; for these 99 days I can remember.

I wonder what this means for the dreaded June 28th & June 29th. Will those days be more difficult? Her Birthday was a challenge this year, will it be the same?

So many questions are left unanswered, and there is too much time to pass before I will see my daughter again. The time seems very long. I know I have a job to do here. I know that there are many things for me to accomplish, and many lives for me to bless by my experience and faith with loss.

This week I have received many compliments about the person I have become through this tragedy. These compliments help so much to bless me and make me feel like I should keep going.

Quite often I wonder, why me? My father died when I was 2 years old! My baby died! Some people go through life without any challenges, but I get 2 of the worst challenges in this life, and I am still young. What sort of challenges do I have yet to face? So why me!!!!! There are times that I think that I would trade the person I am becoming to not have to suffer. If I look at this road honestly though, I wouldn't. I am able to help countless people, and to share my heart with those people. There are many mothers that have lost their children, just like I did, that need a voice. Some simply cannot express their grief, and some just need a hug. Some are just starting on their path, and need a hand to hold along the way.

I pray that God will put more of these beautiful women on my path. I pray that he will inspire me to help them in a way that they need me to help them. I pray that for these next 99 days, I can hear their voices.

If you know of anyone that has lost a baby. Or if you are one yourself, just reading the blog to make some sense of your own tragedy. Please share your story here. Under the words of encouragemnt, please tell me about your baby or your beautiful child. Tell me how you lost your child, but also how your child lived with you. Explain what you remember, and what you miss.

I give you hugs if you are suffering. I wish we didn't belong to this group, but think of the glory we will share in the end.

Thanks again for listening.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was thinking today about all of the trials we have been through since Amberlee left us. Honestly, our life seems to be operating like we are running backwards down the hill that we have worked for 10 years to climb. Last week I lost it. You know those days when you feel like you are in the 11th hour, and you cannot handle anymore. Well that was me last week. I called a friend, and I am certain she could only understand 1/2 of what I was saying through my sobs and mumbling. Then I prayed really hard, and I mentioned that we are not supposed to be given more than we can handle. Honestly, with everything, I am on the brink of being given more than I can handle. Well my prayers were answered, and the stress of the challenges seem to be lessening. I have also been blessed to realize something amazing.

Every single trial we are faced with in life brings us blessings. They all give us both minor, and major gifts that are meant to make us grow while we are here. In the society we live in it is easy to dwell on the negative. What we've lost, what we don't have, whatever we can find to complain about. I am certainly not an optimist, and I am certainly not the best at not complaining, but...I am trying to realize these blessings and they are there. They are everywhere. I have to be grateful for those things that I do have, and that is the best way for me to make it through. That is the best way I can inspire others to make it through, with my actions. There is a plan that we don't quite understand...but one day we will look back and realize why...and I am certain we will be impressed at the road it took to complete that plan.

I know we have heard the phrase "Count your blessings!" a million times. The depth of the cliche is often shadowed by the fact that it is a cliche and therefore overused and underappreciated. If we truly try to look at the good that comes from each trial...I think that we will honestly see more good than bad. The gifts for succeeding in this life are even bigger...we just need to hold on to the good things not the bad, and we need to do our best to show this to everyone around us. We need to count our blessings, but to live in a way that eminates that we have absorbed this concept.

Amberlee's Birthday was difficult this year. I really miss her. There are songs that come on the radio, and I cry almost instantly. One in particular "It won't be like this for long" by Darius Rucker, hits me really hard. The song is about new parents dealing with the struggles of their newborn daughter. I cry because it feels like Amberlee will be a newborn forever. I look at her picture and Riesse seems older than her. I don't understand how all of this will work out. But then the song says "one day soon that girl is gonna be...all grown up and gone". I truly hope that one day I will get this chance. I pray that I will get to raise her and see her grow up. Obviously, none of knows exactly what happens when this life is through, but I hope that what I feel in my heart is real, will in fact be real. I hope that it won't be like this for long. In church I've learned that time is an earthly construct, I am looking forward to looking back and thinking, wow, that was hard...but really, the challenges didn't last that long. Also, I am looking forward to know without a doubt that the blessings outweighed the challenges.

Thx again for listening.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amberlee's 2nd Birthday

I will write more later, because I have no energy for it now. But today is Amberlee's 2nd Birthday. As I sit here I am imagining all of the things a 2 year old would be doing. I can imagine cute little ponytails sticking straight out. She would be walking, she would probably be running. I am sure she would tell me, "I love you, mommy!". She would be sleeping in a big girl bed, and playing with her sisters as often as she could. I don't know what kind of a child she would have been, because she left too soon for us to know. We miss her, and the loss seems so much stronger today for some reason. I wish I had a textbook to tell me what to expect over the next few years, but instead I learn from day to day. I need the strength of my friends and family, to help me through. That is one thing I have always been certain of.
Please take the time and post your thoughts, comments, love, well wishes, hugs, and memories here. They are much appreciated.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disneyland Part. 2

The last time I visited Disneyland was June 2007. Do the math, or simply use your memory. That was the same month that Amberlee passed away. It was a wonderful trip, but there is a certain pain that exists from remembering. I am sure that we took pictures of this trip, but we were robbed just after Amberlee died, and we have no pictures to prove we were ever there because our camera was stolen.

It is kind of neat to be able to say, that Amberlee was gone too soon, but she did get to visit Disneyland while she was here. =) I am glad we had that trip. I am bringing it up because of this.

While I was there this weekend, I had to visit the nursing room because I am a nursing mother. I did not have Riesse with me but I needed to pump for her (TMI I know). I sat down in the room, and began working and then I began sobbing. All of a sudden it hit me that the last time I was there I was there nursing Amberlee. I sobbed and sobbed, and I am sure the other mother's were wondering if I was crazy. I guess I am a bit crazy. It was special to know I sat 2 chairs away holding my sweet baby during the short time I had her, but it was sad to know I could not hold her now.

I don't run into many reminders, and usually I like to relish in them and cherish the good times. The emotions I am experience are probably a result of knowing that this weekend is her birthday. Maybe they are just regular human emotions that we try to stiffle. Whatever the reason, it is difficult. I am looking forward to her birthday celebration, but I miss her.

Often I wonder what others' think. I have received comments that I should move on. Recently someone told me to forget that my daughter died (I have never hated someone so much!). I don't feel that I dwell on her, but there is a certain time of year (March thru July) where I miss her a lot, and I feel that pain is wrapping around me. Should I really move on? Is that possible. In my heart I don't believe so, for either question. But in my mind I wonder how much of this is ok. Everyone says that their greatest fear is losing a child, and I am living it. When asked, most people believe they would simply die, and obviously I did not, so I have to live with this.

Is the path really one that I must create on my own? I truly wish that there were more people that would voice their opinion on the road I am travelling. By saying this I mean, encourage me to live with this in the most positive way. I wish people would both support my pain and encourage my strength. Why does this have to be a black or white thing? If people cannot understand, then why don't they try to learn to help and support the new life that I am living.

If you were to ask any mother that lost a child, they would tell you, "I will never be over it." I have a hole in my heart that is always there, and certain songs and memories make me feel that hurt. However, I am making something of this pain, by trying to help those that suffer it along with me. Please accept that I will never be over this. Please hug me when I cry, and ask to cry with me if you see that I need to. If you feel so inclined, please ask me to take you to visit Amberlee's resting place, and help to make light of it. Especially, share memories of her if you have them. Mostly, for those of us who have lost the most precious thing we hold, we simply want to see that we are loved, even though we will never again be the same.

Thanks again for listening.

Disneyland Part. 1

One of the biggest struggles that I've faced with the loss of my daughter, is learning to trust again. This trust does not only apply to my husband, but anyone that ever watches Riesse. I struggle to believe that anyone can care for my children as well as I can.
Some friends of mine and I decided about a year ago to go to Disneyland together in March. Well one thing led to another, and I couldn't afford to go. About 3 weeks ago I got a phone call from a friend that told me she was paying for me to go. She said that I needed to learn to leave my baby and trust my husband, and that she wanted me to seriously consider going.
It took me until 2 days before the trip to ultimately decide to go. At that point I was excited, and hopeful that the adventure would be exciting, and I would not feel the fear I so often feel leaving my child without me.
While I was gone, my husband did WAY more than I could ever expect. He took amazing care of my children. They constantly did things, and had fun together despite the fact that I was gone. This has been such a blessing, because now I feel like I can reach out and depend on him and others a little more.
I have to thank my friends for harrassing me and forcing me to go, because I had an amazing time. I hope that we will be able to do it again.
The trip was significant for another reason...but I will get into that in Disneyland Part. 2

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Most Impossible Rainbow...

Yesterday I did my 1st ever 1/2 marathon. If you read this blog all the way through...you know the story about the rainbows that we see and attribute to Amberlee being near.

The night before the marathon...I added some songs that remind me of Amberlee, and I thought to myself how much I wanted her to be with me for my marathon...and how much I wanted her to see my success.

When we started the marathon we were just strolling along and I looked toward the sky. There was no rain, and only a light mist of clouds that were very far and very high up. I looked several times, kind of in shock...and then asked my friends "Do you see a Rainbow over there?" They looked and said, Yes. Well, like I said, there was absolutely nothing to cause a rainbow...but there definitely was a rainbow.

Sometimes I find these signs hard to believe. Really, I am more of a realist in life and I don't like to make something out of nothing. This one is hard to argue though. How can a most impossible rainbow happen, in circumstances that are scientifically proven not to cause rainbows? Maybe there is another way to create one...but I am pretty sure you have to have the light source behind you (the sun was in front of me), and you also have to have water on the opposite side of you, opposite from the light source (ummm...yeah...no water).

I am officially declaring this rainbow as a gift/blessing from Amberlee, or someone else that can create them. Someone who knew just how much I needed to see a Rainbow on such a significant day in my life. This truly was a GIFT in every way.

As always...thanks for listening.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Approach...

I remember last year...as we were approaching Amberlee's birthday. I was so very scared about what I would feel that day. I remember my friends, at her party, patting me on the should, and saying I am sorry. The days and weeks leading up to her birthday were a nightmare. The unknown is never fun, and this was the least fun of all.

But then her birthday came. It was a beautiful day in every way. Every detail came out perfectly, and I was happy. I remembered the joy that I felt being pregnant with Amberlee. I remember the perfect natural delivery, and how sweet her little face was during my hospital stay. This day of all days, was a blessing for me. It is wonderful when I get a chance to remember the good, and not be drawn down by the bad.

Well here we are again. Approaching Amberlee's 2nd Birthday. Can you believe she would be 2? I can't, I am amazed at how time seems to steal away those memories I would have. I am amazed at how old she is, and how young she seems in pictures. At the same time, I feel she is so much older and wiser than even I am, because she is done with the trials of this unrelenting earth.

We are going to celebrate her birthday this year. When I think about it, why wouldn't I. It was a wonderful day for a wonderful little spirit. As time goes by, I feel that Amberlee becomes a bit of a stranger to me. I am forgetting who she was. This is, like many things are after losing a child, both a blessing and a curse for me. If I don't consistently remember and dwell, then I can move forward in my life until the day I can be with her again. I just wish, that for days like these that I could remember a little bit more. As usual, I am sure some blessing will come my way, and help me even more on that day. But as for now, I am sitting worrying, and wondering how it will be. Will the day once again be amazing?

If you have any ideas for what we can do, please share them in the comments. AS of now, I have only thought of cupcakes, in rainbow colors, with the #2 written on them. Feel free to share anything you come up with, just remember we are being frugal for 2009. =)

Thank for loving me, and listening.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poetry to Describe the effects of an Angel

Our Little Angel
By Michael Ryan

Tell me how a baby girl can live so long, but die so soon. Can you tell me how ice blue eyes and a cute belly laugh can draw so many to her? How about how we are so sad that she left, yet feel nothing but pride for her; a sense that she accomplished what she came for?
Alas, it cannot be put into words. You could tell, though, if you could have seen her. I could spend all day listening to her little laugh. When she cried, the whole world tried to make her smile. She pulled people together, our little angel. My sister, I miss you.
I may never know why you were taken from us, but I do know hundreds mourned your death. I saw the seats of the church filled, the walls lined with people, all the way to the entrance hall, every one of them, people you’ve touched, our little Angel. My sister, we miss you.
I cherished our time with you, but I took it for granted. I never knew you, so innocent and loving, would be taken from us. Your loss left its scars, but your memory gives us life, our little angel. My sister, we love you.

-Dedicated with love to my little sister, Aslyn Paige Tallulah Ryan
February 1, 2003- February 7, 2004
She was loved, and greatly missed.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I ran into this...and cried and cried!

So...I am doing well...don't worry so much. I ran into something this weekend. Most of you know I was exercising and losing weight when Amberlee died. Well, 2 days ago I was on CalorieKing.com and I was reviewing the bronze level (maybe tmi). Anyway I realized I had a blog on CalorieKing from who knows when. I decided to look it up, not knowing what would be there.

I found the following post...it is from the day before Amberlee died. The bottom section is an update I wrote this weekend. I cannot read this without being drawn to tears. It is both a blessing and a curse because I am happy to be able to look back and see that I am becoming myself again, but I am sad to realize how crappy my life became the very next day. I am sad to realize all that I have been through in these past 18 months. I am glad things are looking better, and for those of you who have also lost babies, I pray that one day you will be able to look back and see that you are making it, despite this long, desperate road we travel on.

I met my husband in college. I worked out regularly, had fun, was very active in life, but then we got married. Work took over, and the activity level after children plummeted. I want to be that person I was in college again. I don't want to lead the current example I am for my girls. I want to learn how to eat right as well as teach them the same. Hopefully if I have good habits, they will not fall into the trap that I have. Currently I have a lot of motivation. My baby is forcing me into a milk free diet because she is allergic. Cheese and chocolate are my worst vices, so without them I have added motivation to succeed. I hope I make it. If I can eat right, and exercies, maybe I can lose 2 lbs a week. If I do that, I could lose 100 lbs in a year. Fortunately I don't have that much to lose, but by the end of the year I could see real results, and learn habits that will improve my quality and quantity of life. Good luck to an active life with my children in the future!!!

Looking at this...the time in my life...it really makes me sad. My daughter that is allergic to milk died right after I wrote this. It changed everything for me and has taken 18 months to get back on track. I am excited to see that my goals are the same...but sad that she will never be here to see it again. I hope that she is watching proudly, knowing that at least in this way...I am getting back to me.