"Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day."
President Thomas S. Monson

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amberlee's 2nd Birthday

I will write more later, because I have no energy for it now. But today is Amberlee's 2nd Birthday. As I sit here I am imagining all of the things a 2 year old would be doing. I can imagine cute little ponytails sticking straight out. She would be walking, she would probably be running. I am sure she would tell me, "I love you, mommy!". She would be sleeping in a big girl bed, and playing with her sisters as often as she could. I don't know what kind of a child she would have been, because she left too soon for us to know. We miss her, and the loss seems so much stronger today for some reason. I wish I had a textbook to tell me what to expect over the next few years, but instead I learn from day to day. I need the strength of my friends and family, to help me through. That is one thing I have always been certain of.
Please take the time and post your thoughts, comments, love, well wishes, hugs, and memories here. They are much appreciated.
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Jessica said...

My thoughts are with you today. I cannot imagine what you go through as you journey through your grief...I think you are a strong woman...because you are not afraid to own your feelings, to be sad and feel these feelings, is strength. Wise people struggling with pain, ask questions, ask God, and ask for help. You ask, what do other people think? I personally think if you hold on to your faith, and belief in other people, you will journey through life with purpose, joy, more rainbows, and yes the whole in your heart will always be there...but that's who you are now...and you are beautiful. :)

a helpful article:

a quote I found online:
"When I am too tired to tread on water or swim, I just look to the sky and float. It requires very little energy and if you can relax and feel God’s love shining on your face, you may find life a bit easier for the moment."


Higby's said...

We have been thinking of you and your sweet baby this weekend. She will always be remebered and it is great to see how you've grown through this experience and how much you now help others. She will never be forgotten and its great to see how you work to celebrate her life. We love you!

Hatch Family said...

I look at yoy today in chruch and I can tell that you were not yourself at all. Today is Amberlee Birthday I remember how you said you wanted to have this baby with out anything. And you did it. I did the same thing only 3 months earlier. What ever you feel like today you can do it. If you want to cry and think of only her than you can. Just remember I am only a phone call away and if you need me to come over to your house I will just call.

alicia.martindale1@riosalado.edu said...

My thoughts have been filled with you all weekend and of Amberlee. I know she is happy and doing fine now, but the pain that lingers here is the true test of this life. I hope you choose to not listen to the people who tell you how to feel or not feel or how to act or not act when it comes to Amberlee. You must be able to grieve the way you need to no matter what anyone else says. Those people who say ridiculous things - stay away from those people. Your true friends love you and think of you all the time and would never tell you what the "right way to grieve" is. Keep these friends close around you. You are surrounded by love and support.

All my love

Jessie said...

I nominated your blog for a Sisterhood Award. You can see the post on my blog at: http://faulknercarpenter.blogspot.com/2009/04/sisterhood-award.html

Thank you for sharing Amberlee's story.

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Blessing to you and your family,