"Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day."
President Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life Changes

Never, ever say to yourself, Life is Good! You will be tested, and you will be shown how blessed you are, and how quickly that can change.

I remember the morning of June 28th so clearly. I woke up, knowing my Mother In Law needed some help with errands, and planning my day accordingly. I scheduled a gym appointment with a trainer, because I was exercising so regularly I felt I needed to up the anti. I left the gym so happy. I was volunteering at my kids schools, I had a new baby that was blessing our life, I was losing weight finally after years of trying I figured out the key (nutrition btw), the kids were behaving, I was reading my scriptures regularly, even my relationship with my husband was working out well. Life was GREAT!!!. I got into our brand new Honda CRV, which I adored and thought was just the cutest thing ever. As I started the engine to drive to my Mother In Law's House I said to myself, Life is good. I am so happy, things are finally going in the right direction. Thank you.
After running my errands I ran home quick, but what I thought would be quick turned out to be not so quick. Something was spilled on the floor, and I had to sweep and mop. My poor Mother In Law waited patiently while Kyle and I swept then mopped. Ooh, I have 2 quick bills to pay is that ok...sure...so I got on the phone and started paying the car payment on that new car that I loved so much. My mother in law then asked, Can Kyle just run me home quick?...sure.. that will be fine. So they began to go...Oh would you mind taking the baby...so I can finish these bills...No problem.
And then the last words that I would ever hear spoken to my sweet daughter came out of my sweet husbands mouth..."You want to go for a ride?" She was so happy, she beamed at him. She loved car rides. I wish that smile was for me, but it wasn't. Looking at it now, that is probably for the best, because who needs it more than I do. I am still jealous...

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