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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Law, The News, & Life

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So Kyle is not going to be charged...and here are the details that the newspaper shared. I am glad to be able to share this with you, finally. As the time approaches for the 1 year anniversary...I realize that we will be through all of the rough stages very soon. The very last stage is watching Riesse pass through the point of life that Amberlee was in. But after that we can move on...with our normal grieving and none of the extra.

Going back to the charging. I do not understand the comments that people make on these websites. Every single person that knows about our story agrees that charging Kyle would be more punishment than necessary. A parent that goes through a drowning, or an accident such as ours, suffers with that pain for the rest of their life (it is not an easy thing to deal with)...what would a legal punishment do that a loving parent could not do to themselves. I try to dismiss their behavior by saying...the news didn't get the story right so how can I expect them to accurately weigh the circumstances...but that excuse is not good for them. They have no right...to judge us for what has occured. Just as we have no right to judge anyone else.

So I would like to challenge us all. We need to think twice every single time we hear a news story or any story, even gossip. Before we comment and give our opinion...we need to say to ourself...what don't we know? It is impossible to know all the details of every situation brought to our attention...and I have learned through this tragedy...that everybody deserves our benefit of the doubt...even if it looks really really bad...they deserve it. And we need to be empathetic to their issues and willing to help everyone we can through anything.

Life lesson #2,987,431 learned...check!

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